About Orrick Archie

Orrick Archie

Orrick Archie

Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Orrick Archie has obtained experience in various fields throughout his career. He currently works as a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license for Sabine Transportation Company. In this role, he maintains Department of Transportation logs and other paperwork, delivers materials for a major oil company, and helps to train new employees. Additionally, Orrick Archie supplemented his professional responsibilities by attending DeVry University and earning a bachelor of science in technical management and health services management. He plans to graduate from Grantham University with a master of health care administration in 2013.

Before joining Sabine Transportation Company, Orrick Archie owned the construction firm Archie’s Home Improvement. Along with meeting with clients and assisting them in planning their projects, he oversaw construction, hired specialty and general contractors, and recorded financial information. Prior to this period, Orrick Archie drove a truck for U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc., out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and spent four years as a residential and commercial real estate agent in Atlanta. Moreover, he served in the United States Army for six years and received an honorable discharge as a sergeant.


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